Graduating from primary school and heading off to the next, more mature phase of their education can be daunting for any child. Although they might be filled with anticipation and really excited to go, they are also bound to be dealing with some anxiety about moving away from the familiar confines of the school that laid the foundation of their early education.

Whether you agree or not, high school is a whole new experience and one that will in part shape the next steps that their lives will take. As a parent, it is not just important that you find the right high school for your child, but it is also so important that you know how best to prepare them for the experience.

At Kleinwater College, we take our role as educators very seriously, and we always encourage the parents of our students to take an active interest in their child’s high school career. Part of this process starts with helping your child to seamlessly slip into their new way of life.

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Quick and Easy things you can do to Prepare your Child for High School

  1. Encourage them to get involved

One way to help your child get the best start in their new school and to fit in with their new peers and make some new friends, is to encourage them to get involved with some school activities such as sports and whatever kind of clubs the school offers.

  1. Help them get used to making decisions

High school is just the next step before they reach adulthood, so now is a good time to start letting go a little bit and to encourage them to get comfortable with making their own decisions. Give them some freedom when it comes to things like choosing their own hairdo, their own extra murals and their own school bags. If your child is going to be staying in a hostel, you can give them even more freedom when it comes to letting them make decisions.

  1. Help them to get excited

All children are different and some are a lot more hesitant when it comes to new experiences and change. To help them get into the flow of things, you can share your own good high school experiences and tell them all about what they can do make their high school experience a more pleasant one.

  1. Attend the parent-teacher conferences

Although they might happen when you don’t have the time, it is important that you try to attend at least a few parent-teacher evenings so that you can be more informed about how your child is doing in his or her studies.

  1. Support your child’s homework

In high school, homework can become more intense and require a lot more effort. As the parent, you can help child with their homework by both making sure that the work gets done and by helping out where you can. You can also assist by creating a peaceful, distraction free space for your child to work on their tasks.