The children of South Africa are the future of our country, and to give them the best possible start, the education that they receive is of utmost importance. Education is a foundation and when you are choosing the right place for your child to attend school, you’ll find that at Kleinwater College, we go above and beyond to ensure that each pupil receives the best education and individual care, whether they are just starting their high school career or if they are approaching Matric.

Kleinwater College is a high school in Witbank, and we offer both day and boarding school options for learners from Grades 7 to 12. We are committed to being the best school in Witbank and our entire focus is on giving our students the best experience.

Our Vision and Our Mission 

At Kleinwater College, we aim to empower our learners and nurture them so that they are in the best possible position to achieve their goals and to build a fantastic future. With our holistic approach to education, we enable our students to be able to fulfil an upstanding role in society and to become the adults they were meant to be.

To achieve our vision, we place a big emphasis on teamwork, turning the educational experience into a team effort that includes contributions from the teachers, the parents and the students. We instil certain values in our learners and we encourage them to embrace and accept others, to be respectful and to care for the environment.

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5 reasons why Kleinwater College might be the best fit for your child

Each year we welcome new students to our high school, and if you are looking for a new school for your child, we have a couple of reasons why our school might be the right place.

  1. Our fees are affordable

School fee costs are constantly on the rise and so finding an affordable school that is able to offer high-quality education, is high up on most parent’s agendas. At Kleinwater College, our school fees are made to be affordable.

  1. Our classes are smaller

Overcrowded classrooms are known to be distracting and unsuitable for optimal education. We have small classrooms which allows us to give individual attention to each student.

  1. Our students are given three meals a day

Hungry students can’t concentrate and no child should go hungry. For this reason, we give students three healthy meals a day.

  1. Our after school classes

Students who stay at the school can receive additional lessons in the evenings should they be struggling.

  1. Our high matric pass rate

We don’t just talk about results, we can back them up with data. At Kleinwater College, we boast a high matric pass rate and this is due to our dedication to providing our students with a quality learning experience in a peaceful learning environment.

For more information about our school, you can browse our website or contact us.