Situated outside of the thriving province of Gauteng, Witbank is a busy town that is home to all sorts of businesses and some of the most amazing suburbs. As a town that is on the move, Witbank has become home to plenty of families, and to accommodate all the children living in the area, the town has a range of excellent schools. 

When choosing a new school, there is much to take into consideration. From choosing the sort of school that has a good and safe reputation to finding a school that is affordable and able to offer more than just a good education, there’s plenty to think about when selecting a school. And there’s even more to consider when what you are looking for specifically is a school rated as the best. 

The best high schools in Witbank are rated the best because they are the preferred place for students to go. For the student to receive an education that will set them up for a successful future, only the best school will do. 

If you have a child heading off to high school for the first time or if you have a child transferring from one high school to the next, here are some of the best high schools in the Witbank area that you should consider. 

Kleinwater College | Boarding School near me
  • Kleinwater College 

Here at Kleinwater College we are well known for our exceptional Matric pass rates and for providing our students with a safe and constructive learning environment. At our school, our students receive a more balanced and holistic learning environment, as we keep our classrooms small so that our students can focus on the work and be free from distractions. Our school is also affordable and provides students with the option of accommodation. 

  • Witbank High School 

Witbank High School is easily one of the best known schools in the area. It caters to all sorts of students and it is an affordable place for students to get a quality education. This high school is within the town and it’s teachers are passionate about their work. Time and again, Witbank High School gets favourable reviews and has many happy students. 

  • Curro Bankenveld 

Curro is a famous high school brand and one that has earned its reputation for excellence by providing its students with a safe and comfortable atmosphere where students can focus on their work. Unlike other high schools in the town, this one is on an estate, making it a little more inaccessible when compared to the other schools in the area. At Curro Bankenveld, students get to experience all sorts of activities, but again, unlike other Witbank high schools, the cost to attend this school is a lot higher. 

The best way to determine which high school will be the better option for your child, is to visit each high school in the area, or close to your home, and get a real feel for what each school is like. And never be afraid to ask questions and to find out more about what each school offers.